February 7, 2017

Please Pray that I reach my goal...

I Need Help...

To All my Family & Friends,

After years of being morbidly obese and trying all sorts of
diets and losing then gaining what I lost plus more... I am now
372 lbs and getting Gastric Bypass surgery for medical reasons
not elective. I've been going to the classes and my insurance
covers the surgery but not the supplies (Booklets, Books,
Shakes, Classes, Meals, etc). I need to pay this by March 29th,
so I need lots of prayers. I know that's not a lot of time, but any
help would be wonderful... I really want to get this surgery, for
my health problems. There's a lot of learning and a big lifestyle
change, but I know I can do it! I already had a Stress Test & a
Heart Cath and turned out that my heart is healthy enough to
go under the knife for the surgery!! If I can not pay the fee on March 29th, they will put me on a payment plan.  But after the funds are raised I need funds to continue to buy Protein  Shakes... I will need to drink 3-4 a day which is almost $6 for 4 servings, times that by 30 days, it adds up to more then I can pay, because I also need to buy vitamins... Please Help! 

If you cannot help financially, please say a prayer that I'm able
to get this surgery & that all goes well.

Click the link:

& then once there,
click the link: "DONATE NOW" above
to help contribute to my campaign.
I really Need this surgery for my Health...
My Son & his Wife up from FL to visit me in PA
After my Trech surgery, due to an infection.
I have a 20" neck; Which causes my sleep apnea.
This is when I was "thinner"
Now, with High Blood Pressure, Type 2 - Diabetes,
Sleep Apnea, Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, CREST,
PTSD, Depression, and so much more...
Please help me get this surgery.
My Campaign is for my supply Fee only of $500.
Anything more than that will help pay for the
Protein Shakes after surgery, I'll have to drink...