March 19, 2006

The Day I Made My First Promises!

Today, (3-19-06) is the day of our OCDS Retreat at San Pedro Center in Orlando, Florida. Father John Grennon (Florida's Provincial Delegate) was the Celebrant. He was awesome!

Here is our Community, As of 3-19-06
Back Row:
John Connor, OCDS - Librarian
Inge Whale, OCDS - Formation Director
Deacon Bill Whale - Spiritual Director
Dolores Smith, OCDS - Treasurer
Bob Ubbens, OCDS - Member
Front Row:
Christina Whale, OCDS - President
Mary Ann Fritz, OCDS - Member
Edith Bott, OCDS - Informarian
Patricia Chedid, OCDS - Member

God Bless You All...

John Connor, OCDS - Received

Inge Whale, OCDS - Professed

Dolores Smith, OCDS - Professed

Bob Ubbens, OCDS - Professed

Christina Whale, OCDS - Professed

Mary Ann Fritz, OCDS - Received

Edith Bott, OCDS - Received

Patricia Chedid, OCDS - Received