January 3, 2010

Our Vocation...

One of the most important things to understand about the OCDS Carmelites is that it is a vocation. A Vocation is God's unique invitation, addressed to individual persons in which a free response is expected. This response is not a single act, but a life-long process, a journey of faith. We do not "have" a vocation; we discover how we "are" our vocation as we journey through life led by the Spirit. An individual discovers their vocation at various stages of life and in relationship with others: when a person is loved and appreciated by others, when the person is attracted by the example of others, when the person becomes aware of the needs of others, or when the person prays and meditates on the word of God.

As baptized Christians each of us is called to assist others to discover their vocation as we have been assisted on our faith journeys. Each of us is called to help make others aware of their personal richness, talents and human value, opening their eyes to the variety of lifestyles and then ministries within the Church.

We are to assist the young and the not so young in their search for who it is God wants them to be; to walk with them in faith, to pray with them, to guide them, to help them become aware of God's loving presence in their personal history in order that they might respond to the will/yearning of God in their own regard.

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