November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Things I am Thankful for...

that Christ died for our sins, He's raised from the dead, & is waiting for us!
that I have a Wonderful Husband & 3 Great Sons!
that we have a solid roof over our heads!
that I was given a second family through the Carmelites!
that I was called to Carmel, with all its treasures and traditions.
that I live in the USA, land of the free, home of the brave!
that I have few - but treasured friends.
that I can sing and worship God.
that I live in the age of the internet!
Blood Donors!
that we have Wonderful Little Dogs!
all the experienced Doctors & Nurses!
all the problems we've had throughout our lives,
because they make us who we are!
the quiet times & the noisy times!
my Faith, which gets me through each day!
the technology throughout my life.
my siblings, who love me.
the times we can spend with our children.
our wonderful future Daughter-in-laws!
There are So Many things we can all be thankful for...
What do you Appreciate?
Who would you like to Acknowledge?
What are you Greatful for?
Who are you Indebted to?

Note: One of the Most Wonderful things I did a while ago, was to purchase a cheap journal & to write in it everyday, the things I am thankful for! In the beginning, it'll be really Easy, then after the first few pages it will get quite interesting, & by the time you reach page 20 or so - Wow! I guess the best way to explain it to you, is to tell you to do it! You'll love it! - Trust Me!!!

God Bless!

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