May 8, 2007

Closing Prayer to the Blessed Sacrament

As this time of Adoration closes, O Jesus, * I renew my faith and trust in Thee. * I am refreshed after these moments with Thee, * and I count myself among a privileged number, * even as Thy disciples were, * who shared Thy actual presence. *
Realizing that my visit to Thee is of little avail unless I try to live a better life and set a better example, * I am resolved to go forth again to my duties and my concerns * with a renewed spirit of perseverance and good will. * In my daily life I will try to love and serve God well, * and love my neighbor also, * for these two things go together. * I will try to be a true disciple, indeed. * Help me. O Jesus, * in this my resolution. *
Bless me, dear Lord, before I go. * And bless not me alone, O Lord, * but all as well who are here present, * and all who could not come, *especially the sick and the dying. * Bless our homes and all the children there. * Bless all our life and the hour of our death. *
Grant rest to the souls of the faithful departed, * and bring them into the light of Thy divine glory. * So may we who have worshiped Thee * and been blessed by Thee here on earth, * come to behold the radiant glory * of Thy unveiled countenance in heaven for ever and ever. * Amen. *

Say three times:
Sacred Heart of Jesus, * Thy Kingdom come!
300 days Indulgence.

Follow with:
1 Our Father - 1 Hail Mary - 1 Glory Be.
(For the intentions of the Holy Father and to gain the indulgences for this Holy Hour.)

Close with:
O Sacrament most holy * O Sacrament divine! *All praise and all thanksgiving * be every moment Thine!
300 days Indulgence.

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