August 1, 2011

August Prayer...

The Immaculate Heart of Mary
Mary, Mother of God,
your heart is a shrine of holiness
in which the demon of sin has never entered.
After the Heart of Jesus,
never was there a heart more pure and more holy.
Your heart is a counterpart of the Heart of Jesus.
His Heart is a loving Heart.
Your heart is also the most affectionate of hearts
after that of Jesus.
You love as a mother loves her children.
Your eyes ever watch over us;
your ears constantly listen to our cries;
your hands are always extended over us
to help us and impart heavenly gifts;
above all, your heart is full of tenderest care for us.
The heart of Jesus was a suffering Heart.
Your heart was also a suffering heart.
Its martyrdom began with Simeon's prophecy in the Temple,
and was completed on Calvary.
When the hands and feet of Jesus were pierced with nails
the sound of each blow of the hammer
inflicted a wound in your heart.
When His side was opened with a lance,
a sword of sorrow also pierced your heart.
The Heart of Jesus was a pure Heart.
Your heart was also a pure heart,
free from stain of original sin,
and from the least stain of actual sin.
Your heart is pure and spotless
because it was sanctified beyond all other hearts
by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit,
making it worthy to be the dwelling place
of the sacred Heart of Jesus.
The Heart of Jesus was a generous Heart.
Your heart is also a generous heart,
full of love, abounding in mercy.
All people may find a place there as your children
if only they choose to heed your loving appeal.
Your heart is a refuge for sinners,
for you are the Mother of Mercy,
who have never been known to turn away
anyone who came to seek your aid.
I consecrate myself entirely to your immaculate heart.
I give you my very being and my whole life:
all that I have,
all that I love,
all that I am.
I desire that all that is in me and around me
may belong to you
and may share in the benefits of your motherly blessing.

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