August 27, 2011

My Prayer

Help me to serve thee, help me to pray,
Help me to think of you, always, each day.
Help me to be, an example for thee,
Help me share with others, what you've given me.

Thank you for mountains, with blue skies above,
Thank you for families, sharing in love.
Thank you for children, husbands and wives,
Thank you, dear Lord, for watching over our lives.

Help me be patient, help me be kind,
help me to listen when, there's much on my mind.
Help me remember, the pain you carried for me
and I'll gladly share, all of my joy with thee.

Forgive me, dear Father, for doubting in You.
Forgive me my worries that make me so blue.
Forgive my resentment, when by now I should know
these wounds that hurt me, could help me grow.

Help me to serve thee, help me to pray
help me to think of you, always, each day.
Help me to be an, example for thee,
help me love others, the way that you
have loved me...


Elizabeth Ann Stevens, OCDS

(In 1984 I was so incredibly miserable it wasn't even possible to form words to pray. My marriage was a disaster; Seth and I were in almost complete isolation day in and day out. The only real expression of my heart was to love Seth and play my guitar and sing. One day this prayer came to me in an instant and I wrote it down and began to sing. I sang it for years, not grasping the profound truth in its simplicity. Going back now, it is very clear how the Holy Spirit used this prayer to teach me about life and love and God.  -- Elizabeth Ann Stevens, OCDS)


  1. Thank you also for putting up this beautiful blog. We hope to learn many things beneficial to our way in Carmel.

  2. We Need to Pray for SO Many People... If we reach out to others in many ways, we will reach more people, hence we have the ability to pray for more people too...
    Blessings to you as well...


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