August 13, 2011

A Prayer Tip:

Set aside a time every day for prayer.

Be very still. Do not say anything.

Simply practice thinking about God.

This will make your mind receptive to His will.


  1. good to see you posting! Wonderful advice and easier said than done my sister in Carmel : ) How do you deal with thinking of other things when you should be thinking of God and being in His Presence?~Theresa

  2. I acknowledge the thought & tell myself I can think about that later or I write the thought down... This helps most of the time & just to let you know I also post on my personal page too... ( Although it's been mostly poems... Dealing with the death of my youngest son has been quite difficult for me, plus I am dealing with a lot of negative things right now. (No job, overdue bills, no $ for doctors or medications, etc) But I try to get through it all with the Grace of God...

  3. I can't imagine that kind of loss. It almost happened a few years ago but by the grace of God, my 22 yr. old son is still alive today. I DO understand the depression...the loss of income...poor health will be in my prayers, my sister in Carmel.~Theresa

  4. Thank You so much... I could use all the prayers I can get. Sometimes I wonder if God can hear me when I pray. I try to 'listen' to Teresa of Avila in her books. She seems to understand what I need to read...
    ♥ Chrissy ♥


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